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Don’t Make the Mistake of Using Your Teeth as Tools in These 3 Situations

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Teeth seem like the perfect tools sometimes, especially if your hands are full. Although all of us have been tempted to use our teeth to open or cut something when we don’t have the correct tools handy, doing so can damage or even break your teeth! Here are some examples of things you should not use your teeth to do:

  • Don’t use your teeth to open things. Using your teeth to open things such as bottles, envelopes, or plastic packages is not a good idea because you can crack or chip your teeth. These activities are also dangerous to your gums; if you are opening something and it slides, it can cut your gum. You can end up permanently damaging your teeth and might need dental crowns, veneers, fillings, or even dental implants. Using your teeth as scissors can also cause them to become weak; cracks in your teeth can increase the risk of infection.
  • Don’t use your teeth to chew on objects that are not food. Teeth are meant to chew food and only food. Using your teeth to chew on foreign objects is dangerous for a few reasons. First, chewing non-food items is a choking hazard. Chewing on foreign objects can also cause your teeth to chip, crack, or even become weak and brittle. You can also injure your jaw! Chewing random objects can become addicting; some people do this without even realizing they do. (Think of a friend who likes to chew pen caps.)
  • Don’t use your teeth to hold items. Holding pens and other objects in your mouth is not good for your teeth or oral health because it can wear your teeth down. Your teeth shouldn’t be used as a third hand to hold foreign objects.  This, too, can cause cracking and chipping and is a huge choking hazard.

If you have used your teeth as a tool and need dental assistance for a broken or chipped tooth, schedule an appointment on our website or call us to get it fixed.

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