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5 Common Misconceptions about the Dentist

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Dentists don’t always have a good reputation. Some people have misconceptions about DDS offices and the dental industry. These misconceptions cause people to have anxiety about going to the dentist and can result in people avoiding it altogether. Your team at Klooster Family Dentistry is here to dispel some common myths or misconceptions about visiting us.

  1. The dentist is painful.

Just like any other health professional, we want to make you as comfortable as possible during your visit. As technology and medicine continue to improve, procedures become less and less painful. The most important thing when it comes to painful procedures at the dentist is communication. If you are uncomfortable or experiencing pain from, let someone know. We can use a local anesthetic to numb the area and keep you pain-free.

  1. Only specialists do cosmetic work.

Dentists do more than just teeth cleanings! Here at Klooster, we offer dental services such as cleaning and extractions as well as cosmetic services such as Invisalign and teeth whitening. Many people believe only specialists can perform root canals or oral cancer exams, but many offices can provide these services and more. Most offices will have a list of services they can offer, so check with your dental care provider.

  1. My dentist will judge me.

Some people are afraid to visit the dentist because they are afraid or nervous he or she will judge them based on their teeth or gum health. Especially when it comes to flossing — people know that if they bleed, the hygienist will know they are not taking care of their teeth. However, it is important to remember that we are not here to judge you! Our team simply wants to help you improve and maintain the health of your teeth. If there is any dental situation you are embarrassed about, your dentist will be glad to give you advice and help you through it.

  1. I don’t need to go if I’m not in pain.

There is a common misconception that getting a teeth cleaning or visiting our office is not necessary if you are not feeling any pain. However, just like going to the doctor for a physical, you should go to the dentist twice a year for a check-up and a cleaning. Though brushing and flossing are effective, visiting the hygienist for a cleaning can help clear out any built-up plaque your toothbrush is missing.

  1. The dentist is too expensive.

Costs only begin to really add up if you are not taking good care of your teeth. If you decide not to visit our office or if you are slacking on brushing and flossing, the dentist can become very expensive. If you visit twice per a year as suggested, it can help prevent the need for expensive procedures.

If you have any questions about your dental visit, feel free to simply ask your dentist to clarify anything for you. Don’t let myths about the dentist stop you from keeping your teeth healthy! Make an appointment with Klooster Family Dentistry today.

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