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All You Need to Know about Dr. Klooster

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Dental work is tough. After all, most people aren’t excited to see you every six months. But our team at Klooster Family Dentistry wants to change that perception and we love helping people maintain healthy and beautiful smiles. To help put you at ease, get to know your dentist, Dr. Klooster, on a more personal level. We asked him five questions so we could share more about him:

1. Why did you become a dentist?
After my first year of undergraduate studies, I had not yet declared a major. I took a diverse group of general elective classes to find out what I might be interested in pursuing a career during that year. After sitting down and really evaluating what I enjoyed doing, I had narrowed it down to medicine and dentistry. What I liked about dentistry was that I would get to work with my hands and with people. As a child growing up, I had a huge fascination with remote control cars, models and anything built on a small scale. I began tinkering and realized I had a knack for working on small-scale projects and that translated perfectly to dentistry. Each day I have to engineer small scale, precise work that is engineered to be beautiful and last as long as possible. I also get to be part of the great Holly Spring’s community of people and take care of them and their wonderful families.

2. Share with us a favorite success or positive story.
There are many success or positive stories that I have encountered with patients over the last seven years. My favorite moments being a dentist are when we take an individual’s dental health from extremely poor to extremely healthy. Many times there are tears and hugs after going from what the patient believed was a hopeless situation, into a situation of stable, healthy and beautiful teeth! The patient may have had to avoid eating certain foods due to pain or just plain inability to chew. We are able to get them to a situation where they are confident when out eating with their friends and family, and smiling in pictures!

3. The Klooster Family Dentistry office recently underwent renovations. What differentiates your waiting area inside compared to other dentists?
Our waiting area is all about comfort. We have a beverage center where patients can get a coffee or tea, cold water, as well as a mint on their way out to freshen their breath after a long appointment. We chose a look that is calming and relaxing for our patients, so they will feel more like they are at a spa than at a dental office. We made these improvements to give our patients a heightened customer service experience than most dental offices, and to show them that first and foremost we care about you, the customer. We also offer warm scented towels on the way out after your appointment!

4. Tell us about your involvement in the community and why that’s so important to you.
We care deeply about the Holly Springs community and the surrounding area. We have sponsored local baseball teams, donated to the Holly Springs school system, and we participate in local events such as HollyFest. We have the luxury to treat wonderful families in the community and feel lucky to work in such a great area!

5. What are your hobbies?
I enjoy doing anything physical. I am part of a local bike club that rides twice a week, and participate in other group rides around the area. You may see me out with the Carolina Brewing Company riders on Sunday Mornings supporting MS research! I like to travel and take landscape photographs of beautiful places. Recently, I’ve been to Europe a few times and I have enjoyed eating local foods and exploring ancient towns and cities.

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