Ask a Hygienist: What’s the Biggest Problem You See?

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Dental hygienists see it all, from people with perfect teeth to those who haven’t seen a dentist in years. In truth, most people fall somewhere in between. A hygienist does a lot of the hard work before your dentist takes a look at your teeth.

At Klooster Family Dentistry we have some of the best hygienist’s in Holly Springs. We wanted to ask them to share some wisdom, so today we found out: What’s the biggest problem you see or what’s the No. 1 mistake most of us are making when it comes to caring for our teeth?

The biggest mistake or problem I see from patients is that people don’t brush twice a day and often skip the “brushing before bed” routine all together. When people do this, they allow the dangerous bacteria that causes decay and periodontal disease to have many hours to cause harm. There are a lot of options available to admittedly lazy brushers and flossers that can make a huge difference. Try an electric toothbrush or add a mouth rinse, but never skip the nighttime brushing!

The biggest problem I see is patients not flossing. I don’t think patients understand the importance of flossing. I completely understand that it can be annoying and people often forget, but it’s just one of those habits you have to form. I can tell a huge difference in the patients that floss and use an electric toothbrush versus those who don’t. Electric toothbrushes dramatically cut down on the amount of build-up you produce between cleanings. These two products make cleanings easier for you and me. ☺

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