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Ask a Hygienist: What Do You Tell Patients Who are Nervous?

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Few people are dancing with joy on the way to the dentist’s office. While many people aren’t excited, some are genuinely nervous about the dentist — so much that they consider skipping regular checkups or appointments for fillings. Doing so leads to more dental problems later, which probably doesn’t help those who are nervous!

Our Holly Springs hygienists, along with the rest of our team, work hard to make you feel as comfortable as possible. While we know visiting the dentist will never be like going on vacation, we hope you at least look forward to catching up with us and feel safe in our team’s skilled hands. Our hygienists share their tips on what to do if you feel nervous about visiting the dentist.


For nervous patients, I recommend you find a dental team with whom you feel comfortable. Go to the office and just meet the staff first and see how you feel about them and the office in general. Let them know your expectations and what you would like from them in regards to your care. We take things slowly with new patients and can start with just an exam and X-rays to discuss your needs. From there, your expectations can help us determine the order and speed in which we go forward. You always have the choice. Once you get past that point, we like to offer headphones and fun conversation to help keep someone at ease in the chair.


We understand the dentist isn’t your favorite place to be. If you have any fears or concerns, definitely voice them. We want to make your appointment as easy and enjoyable as possible. We can take things at your speed and are willing to accommodate you in any way we can. Bring headphones (if you forget them, we have some!) and listen to some good music or a podcast to calm you down. A lot of times it’s the noises in dentistry that bother patients. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help calm anxiety. We’re more than happy to explain the procedures and find the best way to address your fears.

Do you have a question for our team? Contact us to feel more at ease about your next Holly Springs dental visit or exam.

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