How to Plan for Your Dental Costs

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Everybody seems to want your money right now, from taxes to holiday bills. Don’t let those financial demands faze you from getting the dental work you want.

There are plenty of options available to pay for work performed that will make your treatments at Klooster Family Dentistry affordable and reasonable to handle. Here is an overview of the great flexibility we provide to you so you can plan for you dental costs in 2018.

Get Assurance with Insurance

You don’t have to own dental insurance to receive our services, but as most policies cover the full costs of preventive checkups and the bulk of other treatments, they are a wise investment to save money over the long run. Paying out of pocket without insurance can add up quickly, especially if you encounter unexpected costs like fillings, root canals, extractions and the like.

As we are in network with most dental plans, it is up to you to determine which one works best for your needs in 2018 and beyond. Read this overview of dental insurance benefits to figure out what premiums and deductibles among the types of plans offered make the best financial sense to you and your family.

Consider CareCredit

Let’s suppose that you want or need a dental procedure from us typically not covered by insurance in full or partial amount. For that situation, we provide a widely accepted alternative so you do not have to delay work or pay all the cost in covering the treatment immediately.

Simply click the link to fill out an application to obtain a CareCredit card. It is designed especially to cover such situations with a variety of financing options, including no interest over 12 months if you qualify for being able to pay back costs as specified. You can also use CareCredit to pay for deductibles and co-payments instead of your other credit cards if preferred.

Once you have CareCredit, you can use it over and over (subject to credit approval) for you and your family without reapplying, as long as you have available credit. You can use it outside Klooster Family Dentistry as well if needed, as more than 200,000 enrolled provider and health-focused retail locations accept CareCredit.

Of course, you may find that your regular credit cards or checking account are sufficient to handle what you need from us. Whatever approach you choose, we’ll be here to help you with payment as much as possible.

Nto that you have a plan in place –  schedule an appointment with us today!

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