Reasons to Use an Electric Toothbrush

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Many dentists across the country recommend using electric toothbrushes rather than the traditional kinds, and Klooster Family Dentistry is no different. But some patients may not be convinced that electric toothbrushes are better to use. Here are a few reasons that ditching your old toothbrush for an electric model is the right way to go.

Timing is Everything

Many people spend far too little time brushing their teeth. They may brush, but they stop far too soon to truly get the existing plaque and food particles out of their teeth. Electric toothbrushes solve this problem by having built-in timers so that users can know exactly when to switch sides or to stop brushing.

Cleanliness Requires Thoroughness

In addition to not brushing long enough, many people have difficulty reaching certain areas of the mouth with a manual toothbrush. Electric versions are designed with this in mind, and they often have specific shapes meant to make it easier to reach those difficult areas. Also, electric toothbrushes’ constant whirring motion is better at removing plaque much more quickly than manual toothbrushes, which rely on the user’s own motion. All of these factors give electric toothbrushes the ability to provide a much more thorough clean.

Taking the Pressure Off

Another significant problem with manual toothbrushes is that, since they require the user to provide the motion of the cleaning, they often encourage users to brush too vigorously. This can cause damage to the gums and may even result in bleeding. However, electric toothbrushes do not require the user to press down. Instead, the user maneuvers the toothbrush over the teeth and allows the brush itself to do the work. Some models come equipped with sensors that can tell if the user is applying too much pressure, in which case they will lower the brushing power to compensate.

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