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Overcoming Your Cosmetic Dentistry Fears

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Let’s face it. Some people are scared of the dentist. If that sounds like you, your fear may be keeping you from experiencing the joys of cosmetic dentistry. By learning more about cosmetic dentistry options, you may be able to overcome your fear and become more comfortable with these beneficial procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry Doesn’t Have to be Invasive

While there are some invasive or surgical procedures that can be used to brighten, straighten, and improve your smile, you do not have to undergo these types of procedures to produce great results.

For example, at Klooster Family Dentistry we offer Invisalign invisible braces. Rather than attaching metal braces to your teeth to correct your smile, Invisalign works similarly to a mouth guard in that you merely slip a plastic liner over your teeth.

We also provide patients with non-invasive teeth whitening services. After taking a mold of your teeth to create special gel-filled trays, we show you how to apply these trays by yourself. You can whiten your teeth from your own home!

Sedation Options are Available

If your cosmetic dental procedure involves more invasive work, you may experience an understandable increase in anxiety. But not to worry! At Klooster Family Dentistry, we practice sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide. Commonly called “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is safe to use and pulls double duty as both a mild sedative and a painkiller.

While using nitrous oxide, you can expect to feel calm and relaxed. Some people may experience a giggle fit as well, which has led to the gas’s nickname. The gas is odorless, you remain conscious and awake while taking it, and its effects stop soon after the gas is turned off.

Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Confidence With Minimal Risk

As with any medical procedure, there is always a small risk associated with cosmetic dentistry. Though exceedingly rare, patients may experience increased tooth sensitivity, gum and soft tissue swelling, redness, or jaw discomfort. However, it must be emphasized that these risks are rare.

Cosmetic dentistry is common precisely because of how rare its risks are and how great its rewards can be. By having a straighter, whiter smile, patients almost always experience an immediate increase in confidence and self-worth. It frees them up to be the person they’ve always wanted to be without worrying about nagging anxieties over how they look.

If you’re looking to improve your outlook on life, contact us today by filling out our online forms, booking an appointment on our website, or calling our office.

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