How to Get Your Teeth Clean After the Easter Bunny Visits

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The Easter Bunny has come and gone, and no doubt you and your family have indulged in delicious candies and chocolates to celebrate the renewal of Spring. While you may have had a blast, unfortunately, your teeth may have been under attack from the sweet stuff. Here are a few tips for renewing your dental health after the holiday.

Always Brush and Floss

The importance of daily dental hygiene cannot be overstressed. You, your toothbrush, and your floss are the first line of defense your teeth have against decay. We recommend using an electric toothbrush, which has been proven to be more effective than manual brushing. As part of your daily cleaning regime, try to have at least one hour in which you are not snacking and during which the only item you consume is water. This gives your teeth time to rebuild naturally.

Ask About a Deep Cleaning

Klooster Family Dentistry offers routine cleaning and examinations to all of our patients. However, you may notice that your gums are swollen and red or you have begun to bleed between your teeth after too much indulgence over the holidays. This could be a sign of gum disease, which requires deep cleaning techniques to counteract. Our deep cleaning services target harmful plaque on your teeth’s enamel and roots, working to prevent further damage and strengthen your teeth and gums. Ask us if this is the right method for you today.

Consider Getting Sealants

Many adults benefit from getting their teeth sealed with acrylic coatings, but the procedure is particularly effective for younger kids and teenagers who often brush hastily and miss problem areas. Essentially, sealants coat your teeth and prevent food and bacteria from latching onto surfaces and becoming stuck, which can create cavities. One of the most common types of sealant treatments are those applied to the backs of teeth, which can be difficult to reach with a toothbrush.


We hope you had a wonderful Easter! Now it’s time to make sure that your teeth have a wonderful rest of the year. If you would like to book your next appointment, contact our office here.

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