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3 Tips to Keep your Kids Teeth Clean Over Summer

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School is almost out for the summer, and your kids are undoubtedly excited to have more free time. We all remember the fun and relaxation of summer as children, with the relief that comes with no longer having to worry about tests and grades. Though Klooster Family Dentistry wants all kids to have a great break, we also want to make sure they retain good habits even when their daily schedule changes and is less strict. Here are some tips to help keep your kids’ teeth clean over summer break.

Emphasize Flossing

Flossing is one of those habits that are difficult to start even as adults. Many of us fail to floss on a daily basis, even though doing so can mean a great improvement in our overall oral health. Since many of the habits we carry into adulthood are learned in childhood, it is important to make sure that your kids start flossing now to ensure that they have good oral hygiene in the future. If they have trouble remembering to floss every day, just make sure that they are flossing more days than they are not.

Come See Klooster

Scheduling your child’s check-up for the summer can be useful, since they do not have school and there are fewer demands on their time. At Klooster Family Dentistry, we provide a wide array of children’s dental services and can assess the need for fillings, Invisalign clear braces, and even kid-friendly sedation in the form of nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”). Our facilities provide a warm, friendly environment to help kids associate good times with the dentist rather than fear.

Be Mindful Of Snack Choices

When heading to the beach for vacation or kicking back at the local pool, your family often will bring along a wide array of goodies to stave off hunger and prolong the fun. We would never advise against using the school-free months for family vacations and relaxation, but we do recommend selecting your snacks carefully. Avoid sugary, carbonated drinks as much as possible and try to stay clear of potato chips and other starches, which can remain on the teeth and do damage to enamel.

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