What Parents Should Know About Kids Losing Baby Teeth

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Childhood milestones are exciting for kids and their parents alike. When a child feels their baby teeth start to wiggle, though, some parents feel panicked. Losing baby teeth is a universal experience that’s totally normal and healthy, but it can still lead to confusion for parents. Here’s what you should know about this important milestone:

Timeline for Baby Teeth Loss

Baby teeth get loose as adult teeth push on them and are ready to come in. We tend to lose teeth in the same order they came in – expect the front teeth to loosen first, followed by the canines and molars. Kids as young as four may experience loose teeth, with girls often losing them earlier than boys. If your child hasn’t lost any teeth by age 8, it’s important to talk to your dentist.

Should You Pull a Loose Tooth?

Gums around loose teeth tend to be sore. To prevent further trauma, it’s important to allow teeth to fall out on their own. Allow your child to wiggle their loose teeth with their tongue or fingers, but resist the urge to extract it yourself. Talk to your child about what will likely happen when the tooth comes out. A little blood is normal, so you’ll want to prepare kids for the inevitable.

Once a tooth comes out, your little one may want to leave it under their pillow for the tooth fairy. Be ready to pay up, as baby teeth are worth more than ever. A recent poll found that kids nowadays receive an average of $5.26 per tooth!

Adult Tooth Growth

While you might expect adult teeth to quickly replace baby tooth loss, the process can take a while. Thankfully, teething isn’t as painful for big kids as it can be for babies. If your child is experiencing discomfort as their permanent teeth grow in, over the counter pain medicine can help. Be sure to talk with your child about the importance of oral health care when those adult teeth do come in. Establishing lifelong healthy habits starts in childhood.

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