Four Steps for a Healthy Smile This Summer

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School is out for summer! It’s time to relax, sleep in, and spend the day at the pool. While the warm months offer great opportunities for family time, they also tend to throw us off our usual routines. If you’re hoping to prevent tooth decay this season, try these tips on for size:

Skip the Sugary Drinks

We’re more relaxed during the summer months, which may make us more inclined to sip on sugary sodas, juices, and for adults, cocktails. As you enjoy your break, be mindful about how often you’re reaching for sugary drinks. There’s nothing like an icy cold lemonade on a hot day, but it should be a rare treat instead of an every day beverage. Water is the better option, as it helps keep us hydrated and rinses away any leftover food that might be lingering on your teeth.

Stick to Your Routine

While kids may be out of school for the summer, it’s important not to completely abandon your routine. Even a few days off schedule can throw a family’s dental habits out the window. The best way to keep your dental routine going in spite of summer fun? Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. This simple tip can provide a bit of structure, ensuring that you’ve always got a couple of minutes at the start and end of each of each day to dedicate to your oral health.

Protect Your Lips 

We all know about the importance of sunscreen, especially in the summer. As you’re lathering up, though, be sure to protect your lips, too. Our lips have less melanin than the rest of our skin, leaving them especially vulnerable to UV rays. Invest in some lip balm with SPF to ensure a healthy grin all season long.

Schedule Summer Cleanings

When is the last time you and your family came in for a dentist appointment? Odds are good that you’re in need of a routine cleaning. Summer is the perfect time to catch up on appointments you’ve been procrastinating on. Call today to schedule appointments for the whole family!

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