Dr. Klooster Takes Part in Global Dental Implant Conference

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Since being a resident at UNC’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Dr. Klooster has wanted to stay current with trends and advances in all aspects of dentistry.  This year he traveled to Barcelona, Spain to take part in the global dental implant conference. The biennial conference brought together top implant specialists from all over the world. Topics discussed were implants …

Does Teeth Whitening Work?

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As we age, our teeth tend to lose their natural white color. Enamel wears down, and plaque and calculus begin to build up on tooth surfaces. Drinks like coffee and soda start to discolor teeth, and teeth can lose their color due to all sorts of different causes. Teeth whitening can be accomplished a few different ways: Off-the-shelf home teeth whitening kits …

What Is Invisalign?

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What Is Invisalign? Well, If you’re past a certain age, you might remember the “tin grin” braces that were prescribed for orthodontic patients to correct their bite. Orthodontic appliances and braces have actually been around since ancient times, but the latest advance in orthodontia is the clear aligner, or Invisalign® system. How does Invisalign work? Fitting a patient with Invisalign …

Dental Implants

What You Need To Know About Dental Implants

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Tooth loss can happen for a lot of different reasons, but one thing’s for sure – it makes people self-conscious when eating, smiling or talking. The good news is that tooth loss is no longer something that just has to be lived with and accepted. Dental implants are a great alternative to bridgework, dentures or partial plates. How Do Dental …

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The Benefits of a Deep Cleaning

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Most people are pretty familiar with semi-annual professional cleanings of their teeth. It’s a routine procedure covered by most dental insurance that helps us keep our teeth clean and healthy. Some neglect their teeth cleanings (prophylaxis), though, or have larger issues and could benefit from a deep cleaning of their teeth. Professional Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning Deep cleaning is also known as Scaling …

Holly Springs Salamanders

Meet us at the Salamanders Game!

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Help us cheer on our local team, the Salamanders- during their game on July 23rd! Please help us in welcoming the new NORTH MAIN ATHLETIC COMPLEX to Holly Springs, North Carolina. We are so excited to welcome our new neighbors and the energy it will bring to our community. Check out the website www.salamandersbaseball.com for information on the team and …