Dentures in Raleigh & Holly Springs, NC

At Klooster Family Dentistry we do our best to save all natural teeth, however, when teeth cannot be saved they can be replaced by dentures.  We understand how important a healthy smile is to your well being.  When you receive your denture you will regain the ability to chew, smile, talk and have the self confidence in your smile that you deserve.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that are designed to fit precisely to your mouth.  We spend multiple appointments customizing every part of the denture to accommodate your desired result.  With your help we will select tooth shape and color in order to achieve a result that will make you happy.  The Dentures will rest on your gums and may require dental adhesive to increase retention.  There are a few types of dentures.

Full Dentures

When someone has lost all the teeth on the top arch or bottom arch they may need a full denture.  We will custom fit the denture to precisely fit your gums to maximize comfort and retention.  The result will be a fully functional smile you can be proud of.


Overdentures are designed for an improved level of retention.  Sometimes, when teeth have been missing for a long period of time, there is little to no bone left to support a traditional denture.  With the improvement in dental materials and breakthroughs in implant dentistry, we are now able to offer Overdentures. Through his implant training, Dr. Klooster is now able to strategically place implants in the mouth that snap into the denture. By snapping the denture onto the implants, the denture now stays in place and improves the patient’s ability to eat, smile, and talk.  This will greatly improve patient confidence in the denture.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are designed when there are gaps of missing teeth surrounded by healthy teeth.  After an evaluation by our Raleigh or Holly Springs dentists, if the remaining teeth are determined to be healthy and capable of supporting a partial denture, we can proceed with that treatment.  Partial dentures snap into the missing spaces to replace and restore the function of the missing teeth allowing you to smile, eat and talk with ease.