Dental Cleaning Raleigh & Holly Springs, NC

Dr. Arend Klooster consults a patient

You probably don’t wash your car enough.  You can live with a little dirt, right?  So long as the motor runs and it gets you from Point A to Point B, there’s nothing to worry about.  But underneath that little bit of dirt, the world takes its toll on your car.  It eats away at the clear coat and then your paint, gradually weakening it.  Years later when rust starts to form, you’ll be wishing you cleaned it more regularly!

A dental cleaning – or prophylaxis – is about more than a pretty smile.  It removes dangerous plaque and tartar from your teeth, and is a key component of proper dental health.  The licensed dental hygienists at Klooster Family Dentistry can help keep your teeth healthy and bright.

What to Expect

Dental cleanings are typically performed twice or more per year.  Dental insurance usually covers the full cost, or allows them to be performed at significant discount.  You’ll reserve an appointment in advance.

A professional dental cleaning takes 20-30 minutes, depending on how much cleaning is required.  The procedure is painless and done without any sedation or anesthesia, and you’ll be able to eat and drink normally afterwards!

After the cleaning, you will meet with a dentist to discuss any issues we found.  Sometimes, cavities or other problems can be addressed the same day.

What We Clean

Your hygienist targets several key areas.

  • Plaque: a mass of bacteria that makes its home on your teeth. Gross, right? Brushing prevents plaque, but our more advanced tools are much more effective.  Plaque is invisible at first, but eventually becomes yellow or brown.
  • Tartar: left untreated, plaque eventually hardens into tartar.  It has a distinctive beige, chalky tint and usually appears on the back of your teeth, near the gums.
  • Stains: we buff and polish your teeth to remove stubborn stains.  Everyone loves a bright, white smile!

What it Prevents

No matter how good you are to your teeth, your average home tools can’t clean them completely. Regular dental cleanings keep ordinary plaque and tartar from escalating into cavities, gum disease, or even infection.

Cleanings also keep your smile looking its best, and prevent embarrassing bad breath.  If you’re overdue for a cleaning, contact Klooster Family Dentistry today and let’s get you taken care of!