Your First Dental Visit

In our practice the focus is primarily on tooth retention and your overall dental health. In many cases natural teeth are the most beautiful teeth. Working with our hygienists, you will learn to be the first line of defense against tooth decay and periodontal disease, giving you a great opportunity for excellent long-term dental health.

When you first come into our practice, you will be welcomed by our front desk staff. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about your dental coverage and finances. They will ensure that all of your personal and medical information is current, so that we can provide you with the appropriate care.

Once all of your paperwork has been reviewed, we will bring you back for a comprehensive dental assessment. They will review your medical and dental history.

For our dentists to conduct a thorough exam, it is important to have current radiographs. If you have brought cavity detecting x-rays less than one year old and a full mouth series of x-rays or panoramic x-ray less than three years old from a previous dentist, we would not have to take any x-rays before proceeding with the exam. In cases where there are no current x-rays available, we will either obtain a full mouth series of x-rays, or a panoramic x-ray with four bite-wing x-rays.

Our practice uses digital x-ray technology. A digital x-ray allows us to take an image of the tooth or teeth and put it into an imaging program. Within this imaging program, there are a number of tools that will allow us to take a very close look at the teeth and surrounding structures with amazing accuracy. Digital x-rays provides nearly 80% less radiation than a standard x-ray.

Once the radiographs have been taken, we will chart any existing dental work you have into our computer system.

Our dentists will then perform the comprehensive exam, which includes assessing the health of your teeth, the integrity of existing work, your jaw joints and their function, your gums or periodontal health, and visual and tactile oral cancer screening.

The ADA recommends that adults have oral cancer screenings annually. Particularly if you are or have been a smoker we strongly recommend that you have oral cancer screening with Identafi. This is a tool which helps detect oral cancer at very early stages, when it is not yet visible with the naked eye.

It is through the comprehensive exam that our doctors determine the amount of time needed for your hygiene care appointment and if there is any dental treatment necessary.

Before the conclusion of your exam, you will be given an opportunity to discuss the findings of the exam, what’s involved with any treatment you may need and your periodontal or gum health.

Once we have completed the clinical portion of the exam, we will print out a treatment plan for you, which includes estimated fees and insurance benefit. Then we will review finances, insurance coverage and schedule the necessary appointments needed. If at any time you have questions regarding your treatment, you may call our office to discuss your dental care with the assistant who was present during the exam. In cases where your questions require our dentist’s expertise, he will call you back to speak with you directly. If you have any financial, insurance benefit or appointment scheduling questions, you may discuss those with our front desk staff.