Sedation Dentistry in Raleigh & Holly Springs, NC

For some people, trips to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing.  But thanks to sedation dentistry, there’s no need to fear your visit. Using the latest sedation techniques, Klooster Family Dentistry is prepared to offer a safe, relaxing experience for those who get a bit antsy at the dentist.  People who benefit from sedation include:

  • Those with anxiety or dental-specific phobias
  • People who struggle staying seated or still for long periods of time
  • Those with natural resistance to numbing anesthetics

Sedation dentistry allows our staff to perform a variety of dental procedures safely and comfortably on patients with anxiety about their visit.

What Sedation Do We Use?

Nitrous oxide –more commonly known as laughing gas – is used to gently soothe a patient’s nerves while they remain awake and communicative.  After the gas is turned off, the effects of the sedation wear off immediately, making nitrous oxide one of the best options for people who are returning to work or driving after their appointment.

Nitrous oxide also acts as a painkiller, which means it serves double duty as a local anesthetic for certain procedures.  It is one of the safest forms of sedation, since the level of nitrous oxide can be adjusted at any moment based on need.  Nitrous oxide acts fast, reaching the brain within 20 seconds and causing its relaxation and pain-killing effects within approximately two minutes.  Side effects are small and rare, there’s no hangover, and the experience is safe for both children and adults.

How are Sedatives Administered?

A small mask is placed over the patient’s nose.  We then pump a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide is through the mask – all you have to do is breathe normally.  Once the sedation kicks in, you’ll feel calm and happy but very much awake and in control of your motor functions.  The gas is colorless, odorless and non-irritating.  Some people actually get a case of the giggles while inhaling nitrous oxide – hence its comedic nickname.

After the gas is turned off, the effect goes away almost immediately.  Some patients experience mild nausea while undergoing sedation via nitrous oxide, so we encourage eating lightly before your appointment.