Dental Exams in Raleigh & Holly Springs, NC

A physical, a check-up, whatever you call it; regular visits to your doctor are a key part of your health. A dental exam is a check-up for your teeth. It should be performed at least once per year, and is typically covered by most dental insurance plans. Examinations are crucial to your continued dental health!


At Klooster Family Dentistry, our examinations are performed by our experienced dentists. He performs a visual exam of your oral cavity, head, and neck to check for:

  • Cavities: when certain kinds of bacteria are left undisturbed, they can break down parts of your teeth. A cavity is named as such because it creates a literal hole in your tooth, one that does not heal. Most cavities can be filled by a dentist, but larger ones may require more than a filling.
  • Gum disease: do you brush your gums? You should! A dental examination assesses them for bleeding, tenderness, or other signs of gum disease. Weak gums can lead to further tooth problems down the road.
  • Head and neck exam: your dental health isn’t just in your mouth; we check your head and neck for any deformities, lumps, or bumps. These can be early indicators of oral cancers or health thyroid problems.

In addition to a physical exam, we will gather information from your medical history, including previous dentists and even other doctors. This gives us a better picture of your habits so that we can treat you more effectively.

We also collaborate with our dental hygienists, depending on what they find during cleanings. There may also be x-rays taken to identify problems invisible to the naked eye.

After the Exam

Because an exam is preventative, a key part of the procedure is a recommendation for the next steps. Dr. Klooster may recommend:

  • Surgery: heavily decayed or weakened teeth may need to be extracted. We may also recommend wisdom teeth removal to prevent irregular alignment and pain.
  • New habits: don’t brush or floss regularly? We’ll instruct you in proper procedures, and may recommend changes to your regular routine.
  • Follow-up visits: in certain cases, more frequent examinations may be required. We may also recommend additional cleanings, x-rays, and more.

A dental exam forms the blueprint for your dental health! It is essential to have them performed regularly. If you’re due for a visit soon, call us today and schedule an appointment.