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Choose between our insurance, third-party financing, and in-office membership options.


To make things easier for you and your family, our dental practices in Holly Springs and Raleigh are in-network with most dental insurance plans. Plus, we verify and file to all insurances.

What does this mean for you?

You and your family can take advantage of having exceptional dental care at Klooster Family Dentistry in a private practice setting.

We’ll take care of verifying your insurance benefits before your appointment so that we can make the most out of what your plan has to offer. This will result in clearly explained dental insurance benefits with less out-of-pocket expense!

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    Third-Party Financing

    Giving you options that fit your budget.

    Lending Point
    • Same-day treatment starts: No waiting once approved and funded. Borrow $500 to $20K for your dental needs.
    • Wide approval range: Approves more borrowers, down to a 570 FICO score.
    • Lower payments: A variety of longer terms up to 60 months.
    • Transparent: No origination feed or down payment.
    • Patient and credit friendly: No hard inquiry with the credit bureau, just a quick and easy soft credit check.
    • Fits your budget: Allows you to get the procedure you need at an affordable monthly rate
    • Segments your spend: Dental expenses are kept in one place, so no need to “max-out” credit cards used for everyday expenses.
    Proceed Finance - Now You Can
    • Flexible financing: Loan offers from $2,500 to $75,000 to fulfill the treatment plan you need and deserve.
    • Affordable payments: Longer repayment terms and lower interest rates that can fit any budget.
    • Simple, fast, and easy: Complete a short online form and get pre-qualified instantly without impacting your credit score.
    • More approvals: Proceed Finance users span the credit spectrum, and the financing company provides approvals for various levels of creditworthiness.
    • Stress-free experience: Simply checking your rate doesn’t impact your credit score.
    • Automatic payments and decreased interest: Enrolling in automatic payments takes the tasks off your to-do list. You’ll also enjoy a 0.25% decrease on your interest rate.

    In-House Dental Membership

    No insurance? No problem - our Holly Springs and Raleigh locations have a solution for you.

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    Starting at $29/mo.

    • Preventive care included (cleanings, exams, etc.)
    • Up to 15% off any needed treatment
    • Transparent pricing and easy payments
    • No need to hassle with insurance
    • No deductibles, copays, pre-approvals, or annual maximums
    • Smile brighter without breaking the bank
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