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Deep Cleaning Demystified: 5 Tips to Healthy Teeth And Gums

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My dentist said I need a deep cleaning.  Do I really need one? If you have faced the same suggestion and found yourself confused about what to do, don’t worry, as we have some insight for you. Deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing (SRP) in dental lingo, might seem a bit scary. But it’s really important for …

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Top 3 Oral Sleep Appliance Questions – Answered!

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Welcome to our December Blog! Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects millions of people worldwide. If you’re seeking treatment, you likely have some burning questions. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! This blog article will address the top three most commonly asked questions about our oral sleep appliance treatment for sleep apnea. Can I get the DIY option? …

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Top 5 Questions We Get Asked About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

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Are you struggling with complex dental issues? Would full-mouth reconstruction (FMR) be the perfect solution for you in Holly Springs or Raleigh, NC? This blog post addresses the top five questions about full-mouth reconstruction. We will also provide insights into what it is, the issues it can solve, and what the procedure includes. 1. What is full-mouth reconstruction? When a …

Respire Oral Sleep Appliance

What is a Respire Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

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Are you or someone you know struggling with sleep apnea? You’re not alone. More than 22 million individuals in the United States face challenges obtaining restful sleep from this condition. Sleep apnea occurs when the airway is obstructed by the collapse of soft tissues in the back of the mouth or throat, leading to frequent breathing pauses during the night. …

The Importance of General Dental Care: Prevention Is Key

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Did you know that your oral health directly affects your overall well-being? It’s not something to take lightly. We know you work hard to stay healthy, and that’s why ensuring proper dental care from a general dentist is vital. So, what exactly does a general dentist do, and why is their role so important in preventing dental complications? In this …

All-on-X or Implant-Retained Dentures: Which Option is Right for You?

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Are you dealing with gum disease, multiple infected teeth, or a denture that needs to be replaced? Then you should be looking for a permanent solution to restore your healthy smile. And that’s where dental implants come in – one of the most popular and effective treatments for replacing missing teeth. However, dental implants come in numerous forms, so which option …

Brushing Best Practices: Should You Brush Before or After Breakfast?

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It’s a debate most of us have on the daily. You wake up after a refreshing night of sleep with morning breath. You’re looking forward to your hot cup of coffee and plate of bacon and eggs. Whether you’re put off by the idea of chasing toothpaste with a glass of orange juice or just want to make sure you …

How to Prevent Receding Gums

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Gum recession is all too common. Poor oral health often causes gums to pull back and form pockets between the gum and the tooth. These gaps tend to fill with bacteria, impacting the bone and tissue. When left untreated, receding gums can cause significant pain and even tooth loss. It’s important to note that gum recession is a gradual process. …

Which Type of Floss Should You Use?

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Brushing your teeth twice daily helps keep your mouth healthy and free of cavities. When you’re just brushing and not flossing, though, you’re only cleaning about 60 percent of your teeth’s surfaces. Floss reaches where toothbrushes cannot, removing food and plaque that causes infections, cavities, and even periodontal disease. Many people will admit they don’t floss regularly. They say it …