8 Factors to Choose the Right Holly Springs Dentist

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Choosing a Holly Springs dentist sounds like an easy task: look up dentist offices close to your home or office. Done, right?

While location is usually one of the most important factors people consider when choosing a dentist, it’s helpful to take a look at a few other points. The American Dental Association recommends visiting more than one dentist before selecting one. Here are eight other elements to consider in order to help you choose the right Holly Springs dentist!

  • Insurance – Choose a dentist that is in-network with your insurance. Doing so will save you a lot of money each year, because most insurance plans cover a lot of basic dental needs, such as twice-annual cleanings and cavity fillings.
  • Dental services offered – Some dentists focus solely on basic care, while others offer an array of services such as dentures, radiographs, and oral cancer screenings. Consider what services you need now, and those you may need in the future.
  • Hours – Does the office offer convenient hours that fit your schedule? What about emergency visits?
  • Patients served – If you have children, you’ll probably want to choose a family dental practice so you and your children can all visit the same place.
  • Reviews – Most dentists have online reviews somewhere, whether it’s Facebook, Google, or consumer review sites specifically for dentists. Be sure the dentist you are considering has at least a few reviews and that they offer mostly positive comments.
  • Office setting – Most dentist offices are set up to be soothing, but look beyond the paint color. Is the office in good shape, clean, with furniture and equipment that is not old and looks cared for? The best dental offices give a spa-like sensation to visitors. After all, the dentist is an experience few look forward to; the least we can do is make you comfortable!
  • Personal comfort – Does the dentist offer sedation dentistry? Do you feel comfortable speaking with him or her about your oral health? Does that staff seem friendly and willing to help?
  • Community – We believe a dentist should have ties to his or her community. Business owners live here, too, and should take part in making that community great. We proudly support the Holly Springs Salamanders and Holly Springs RAGE Baseball teams.

We hope these guidelines help you find your Holly Springs dentist, whether it’s us or someone else in our awesome community!

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