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How Dentures Can Work For You

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Losing a tooth can be painful. Life after losing teeth can be difficult. But one solution to these problems is dentures. Artificial teeth that are specially designed to fit your mouth, dentures come in a variety of styles and offer several key benefits. Whether you need partial dentures to fill gaps in your teeth, full dentures to replace the whole upper or lower arch of your teeth, or overdentures using implant dentistry techniques, Klooster Family Dentistry has you covered.

Solve Dietary Restrictions

In some cases, the loss of teeth can severely impair your ability to eat certain foods. For example, some patients have lost the ability to eat harder foods like apples because they no longer have the chomping and chewing capabilities they once had. With dentures, you can restore that ability and eat your favorite foods again!

Boost Confidence in Your Appearance

First impressions are always important, and many patients with missing teeth feel worried and stressed about meeting new people. Having obvious gaps in your teeth can lower your self-image and drain your confidence. However, dentures that are perfectly fitted to match your teeth can give you back your confident feeling as well as your beautiful smile.

Restore Your Speech

One problem that often accompanies the loss of teeth is a noticeable change in speech. This is because certain word-sounds require the tongue to press against your teeth. Dentures fill the gaps in your teeth and allow you to sound like yourself once more.

Provide a Long-Term Solution

One serious benefit of dentures is that they are designed to last you a long time. Typical sets of dentures can last anywhere from five to ten years, offering you peace of mind and allowing you to get back into your normal routine.


At Klooster Family Dentistry, we offer the full range of denture services to patients in Holly Springs. With Dr. Klooster’s extensive implant dentistry training, he is able to provide patients with overdentures to secure dentures if there is little bone to support them. Overdentures work to keep the dentures in place for ease of use. If you have lost your teeth, do not hesitate to contact our Holly Springs office for an appointment to discuss what we can do for you.

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