Go Easy on Your Teeth This Thanksgiving

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This time of year can be havoc on your teeth. With Halloween preceding Thanksgiving and Christmas just a little ways behind, it’s easy to indulge in treats that disturb your dental health. After all, treats are a once-in-a-while occasion, and having them spread out over three months can be unhealthy. Still, the holidays are important and should be cause for celebration. So we have a few tips for you to protect your teeth this Thanksgiving.

Drink Lots of Water

One of the most important, and often overlooked, parts of oral health is the consumption of water. There should be several hour-long periods of the day in which you partake of nothing more than water. This is a relatively simple tip to follow on Thanksgiving since many people abstain from eating before the mid-afternoon family meal. By drinking water and avoiding other liquids and snacks, you help keep your mouth’s pH value neutral, allowing your natural defenses against plaque to do their work.

Rely on Your Turkey

Turkey is a great choice for dental health, as it contains phosphorous and can boost tooth development. What does that mean for you? If you have a craving for some post-Thanksgiving snacks, lean toward reheating that turkey, making cold turkey sandwiches, or otherwise partaking of that dish rather than sweeter items.

Choose Fresh Ingredients

Though the temptation to grab some ready-made, pre-packaged fare can be great, fresher ingredients tend to be better on your teeth. One example is cranberries. Fresh cranberries have been shown to combat the formation and sticking of glucan, reducing the amount of damage bacteria do to your teeth. Additionally, fresh carrots contain beta carotene, which is important because it boosts your body’s ability to produce Vitamin A. That is an important vitamin in maintaining healthy gums.


These are just three things to keep in mind this holiday season as you feast with your family and friends. Of course, stick to the healthy habits that you cultivate every day, like avoiding sugary sodas, eating in moderation, steering clear of sticky or gummy candies, and the like. To schedule an appointment for a check-up at Klooster Family Dentistry, click here.

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