When is a Dental Extraction Necessary?

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When a task is difficult, we often use the phrase “like pulling teeth” to describe it. Nobody enjoys pulling teeth – not even dental professionals! Sometimes, though, nothing can be done to save a tooth. Damage, infections, and disease may make dental extractions necessary. Understanding such conditions can help you prevent them from occurring, allowing you to avoid a dental extraction altogether.

Gum Disease

Oral bacteria is responsible for the number one cause of tooth loss: gum disease. When bacteria gets below your gum line, it causes infections that lead to bone damage, gum recession, and even loose teeth. If left untreated, those teeth may become extremely weakened leaving patients with one of two options. Waiting for teeth to fall out can be an uncomfortable experience, which is why so many people opt to have damaged teeth extracted instead. The good news? Teeth extracted because of gum disease are often excellent candidates for dental implants after they heal.

Blunt Force Trauma

Our teeth are incredibly strong, but even they struggle to withstand damage caused by blunt force trauma. A sports injury, car accident, or slip and fall injury can cause teeth to break. In some cases, these breakages can be repaired with crowns or bonds. In other instances, though, the damage is too deep and extraction is the only option.

Severe Tooth Decay

Just like with gum disease, oral bacteria can cause teeth to decay so much that they lose stability. Leaving damaged teeth in place may result in a sudden fracture that’s often far more traumatic than any extraction would be! Minor cavities can be fixed with fillings, while more serious decay may require a root canal. Should an especially hard to reach abscess form, though, extraction may be necessary.

Extraction Anxiety

Tooth extraction doesn’t need to be a scary experience. While you might have some anxiety about the procedure, it’s important to keep the benefits of extraction in mind. There’s no faster way to eliminate infections, trauma, or gum disease, and the healing time is nothing compared with the risks associated with leaving a damaged tooth in place.

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